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Building Trust In Climate Reporting

There is growing pressure on businesses to play their part in tackling climate change, and an increasing number of companies are making commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. But how reliable are the data and metrics that companies disclose?

Not very, according to voices from financial markets to civil society, who are increasingly raising questions about the quality of the data underpinning corporate climate reporting. Without trust in data, doubts will grow about businesses’ ability to tackle the problem and whether they are delivering on their promises to reduce emissions. Companies, consumers, policymakers and investors all require trustworthy data to make informed decisions on climate change as we ratchet up actions towards global reduction commitments.

This paper, published by PwC, explains where the mistrust is coming from, the questions to ask of companies, and the steps that businesses, including family businesses, and others can take to increase the robustness of the data.

Download and read the full paper below:

Download PDF • 774KB


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