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A Family Firm Giving Resources A Second Lease Of Life

Texfelt have been manufacturing eco-engineered non-woven products for over 30 years using the highest quality, sustainable fibres. Drawing upon decades of innovation, experience, and a state of the art manufacturing plant in Bradford, West Yorkshire, they are able to engineer advanced non-wovens for many markets, with specific experience and know-how in the carpet underlay sector.

A UK manufacturing base allows them to offer clients security of supply and traceability that few other companies can provide. Products can be delivered throughout the UK with a typical turnaround from order to delivery within just a few days in comparison to imported PU underlays.

Buying British has never been more relevant, due to security of supply and the need for companies to reduce carbon footprint and their impact on the environment.

Check out how they give valuable raw materials a second lease of life in their company video.


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