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SensationALL Receives £1,000 Donation From Allied Parts

SensationALL, a charity dedicated to supporting people with neurodivergent and complex conditions, has received an unexpected £1,000 donation from Allied Parts’ charitable arm, the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust.

The donation was made possible through the recommendation of John Forbes, Manager at Allied Parts Aberdeen Hub. John learned about the charity through friends whose daughter is on the autistic spectrum and has attended SensationALL sessions.

This contribution will support the charity's efforts in providing tailored activity sessions, social groups, and advisory services to enhance the lives of those with developmental delays, sensory processing issues, and other challenges.

Lisa Grainger, Fundraising & Marketing Manager at SensationALL, expressed the organisations appreciation for the surprise donation, saying:

“SensationALL is so grateful to Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust for their generous donation which will be used towards the cost of running vital sensory play sessions and social groups for youngsters in the Aberdeenshire area. Our services are in high demand, and we are working hard to accommodate more individuals with complex conditions like Autism and ADHD who need specialist support in order to thrive in life.”

The funds will be used to continue providing SensationALL's services in Westhill and Aberdeen, ensuring that individuals and families receive the support they need in a safe and nurturing environment.

Expressing his pride in the donation, John said:

"I have seen first-hand the impact of what SensationALL does and organizations like this are becoming an increasingly important resource for families living with neurodivergent conditions. Their commitment to support individuals of all ages, all conditions and all members of their family is truly remarkable and aligns with Allied’s mission to make a tangible difference to people’s lives. We are proud to contribute to their valuable work."


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