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Care Initiatives Receive Crucial Funding

The Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust is proud to announce the successful funding of two exceptional care initiatives, Musical Memories Springburn and Charlie's Old Codgers Foundation. Both organizations have been awarded funds to continue their invaluable work in supporting sick and vulnerable people in north Glasgow and across Scotland.

Musical Memories Springburn has been awarded £2,000 to enhance their support for people with dementia.

Known for their engaging live performance sessions with music from bygone years to memories and bring joy, Musical Memories Springburn has struggled with providing reliable transport for their attendees. The new funding will ensure that participants can travel safely back to their residences after sessions, reducing stress and anxiety for both them and their carers.

Brian Smith from Musical Memories Springburn expressed his gratitude, saying,

"Our sessions finish just as schools are coming out, so taxis are in their busiest hours. It has been so sad to see our friends going from being elated to sad after waiting for a long time for a taxi home."

"This grant from the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust will allow us to provide dedicated transport to get frail and elderly folks with dementia, and their carers, safely back to their care homes still feeling happy after our Musical Memories session."

Charlie's Old Codgers Foundation has been awarded £2,500 to support their mission of alleviating loneliness and isolation among care home, hospice, and rural cottage hospital residents. The foundation's unique approach includes reuniting residents with their beloved pets and providing engaging activities.

However, rising fuel costs have made it challenging to maintain their extensive travel schedule to visit with 329 residents per week across 23 care homes, seven hospices and two cottage hospitals throughout Scotland.

Jean from Charlie's Old Codgers Foundation highlighted the impact of the funding:

"The difference this funding will make is unimaginable. It will have such a positive effect on everyone here at Charlie's and on the residents we visit every week. We want to say a huge thanks to Allied Vehicles and give them all a round of a-paws-e from the whole team at Charlie's Old Codgers Foundation."

These funds from the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust will significantly enhance the quality of life for hundreds of individuals through ensuring that the work of Musical Memories Springburn and Charlie's Old Codgers Foundation can continue.

David Facenna, Corporate Culture Director at Allied Vehicles Group, acknowledged the importance of these donations:

"I'm delighted that the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust is able to support both Musical Memories Springburn and Charlie's Old Codgers Foundation."

"As both a musician and pet owner myself, the work of both charities is something close to my heart. Their dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable, sick and elderly individuals in our community is truly inspiring. We hope that these funds will make a meaningful difference, allowing both organizations to continue their excellent work and bring joy and comfort to many more people."


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