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Tere Cazola is named after its founder. She started making Mexican desserts and cakes in her kitchen back in the 1980s, and now they’re sold all over the country. There are two main aspects to Tere Cazola’s success: an efficient production and distribution operation, and a strong brand.

With both of these in mind, she has been very careful to make the business grow in a way that doesn’t affect the quality of the product, and the authentic ‘home-made’ taste. So, as the business scaled up to a new production plant, the emphasis was on ensuring the highest possible standards throughout the production process. “It had to be the same as cooking in my own kitchen,” she says, “only on a much bigger scale. That means taking care of every little detail. That also includes the service we offer to our customers, which has to be second to none.”

The other key factor is the brand: “Tere Cazola is all about getting back to the best traditions of home cooking. Flavour, freshness and taste. So we absolutely cannot compromise on quality.”

Tere’s plans for the future centre on widening their distribution to more areas of Mexico, and bringing in more members of the family. She has two daughters and a son who already work in Tere Cazola stores, and a second son who is a general manager in the company.

Geographical expansion is going to bring new challenges on the distribution side, and will probably mean opening new production facilities, so that freshness and quality can be guaranteed. “I’ve already achieved my first dream of starting this business, and now I want to make sure it can stay in the family for future generations.”

This piece featured in the 2016 PwC Global Family Business Survey and has been reproduced with their permission.


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