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CAMPAIGNS - Family Business Britain

Family Business United (‘FBU’) is delighted to bring you ‘Family Business Britain,’ our campaign that quite literally sought to put the family business sector on the map.  Comprising over 350 images from family businesses across the UK the map truly encapsulate the true spirit and diversity of the family business sector across the UK.


Leading family firms that supplied images for inclusion in the montage include Furniture Village, Galloways, Linian, Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd, Dunsters Farm, GAP Group, Hendy Group, JCT600, John Good Group and Thatchers Cider.  More than 120 family firms took part in the campaign this year. 


There are over 5 million family firms across the UK today, employing over 12 million people and as a collective body they make a significant contribution to the economy of the UK through the provision of jobs, creation of wealth and income generation, not to mention the good they do in their local communities too.  This map seeks to embody this collective effort and demonstrate the important contribution family firms make each and every day.

UK map montage of family business images from all over the UK

As Paul Andrews, Founder and Managing Director of FBU explains, “We have been championing the family business sector for over 20 years and wanted to do something to celebrate the sector in a way that has not been done before..  Family firms are the backbone of the UK economy with family firms the  length and breadth of the nation.  The ‘map’ does just that - celebrating the old and the new, together with the diversity of family businesses across the nation.”


“It was a real pleasure collating the ‘map’ and we really do feel that this is a positive endorsement of the diversity of the family business sector across the UK today,” concludes Paul.


FBU is a global champion of the family business sector and shares insights, news, research and much more.  This is the latest innovative campaign undertaken by FBU to put the family business sector on the map and raise awareness of the important contribution they make, each and every day.

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