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CAMPAIGNS - Family Business Matters

We have seen the statistics and read the numbers.  Family businesses are stalwarts of communities the world over providing jobs, generating income, creating wealth and making a significant impact on communities too. Our ‘Family Business Matters’ campaign seeks to bring the family business community together with one voice and a social media campaign that demonstrates why. Our community are sharing their thoughts and words of wisdom as to why family business matters to them. We are collating the input and their insights will form an integral part of our global campaign to further raise awareness of the why the family business sector is important.

Contributors already include Maria Whitehead OBE, founder and director of Hawkshead Relish who adds that “Family business matters as the holistic approach formed through relationships have to be worked at in order to maintain harmony which gives a dimension of support and care that other businesses can only dream of.”


Jean Santos, a US based family business consultant at Business Consulting Resources Inc adds that “Family business matters because it’s not just about sharing a family name and a family company, it’s about sharing a legacy and a vision that spans generations.”


Rich Quelch, Marketing Director at sixth generation family firm, The John Good Group continues that “Family business matters because it unites the lessons of the past with forward-looking vision, drawing upon valuable insights from our history to craft a sustainable future for our people and the planet.”


The campaign continues and you can keep up to date with all the latest news here 


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