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PR Can Supercharge Your Family Business

With the right strategy, PR can be a powerful catalyst that supercharges your family business’ marketing efforts. After all, every family business has a unique story. Whether it's the founding story, generational transitions, or overcoming challenges, these stories create an emotional connection with your customers and your wider target market.

What’s more, PR is a versatile tool that can be tailored to businesses of all sizes, enabling smaller firms to punch above their weight without breaking the bank.

Isn’t PR Just Spin?

Ironically, PR has had a bad press. Despite the misconception, PR is not a superficial affair of glitz and glamour or spin. While glitzy events and champagne receptions can be part of a broader strategy, PR is fundamentally about strategic communication, storytelling and reputation management.

While all businesses have a story to tell, few make the most of it. What’s more, family firms have a huge advantage over their ‘faceless’ competitors in this respect. With the correct approach your family story can be the linchpin that connects your business with your target market to drive future growth.

Selecting The Right PR Expert

To get the most out of your PR efforts, you need to have clear business objectives and a marketing plan. A clearly articulated vision, captured in a plan, will help you to focus on your core business objectives, avoid distractions and costly mistakes.

However, if this isn’t your skill-set don’t fret as an experienced marketing and PR professional can help guide you through the process, freeing you up to concentrate where your time is best spent.

When selecting external PR support, look for qualities such as creativity, strategic thinking, and adaptability. Additionally, accreditations from reputable organisations, such as being an accredited member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), signify a commitment to ethical practices and industry standards. These credentials ensure that your family business is in the hands of a qualified and reputable PR professional.

Like most things in life it’s worth investing time in selecting the right expert and building a long-term relationship to extract maximum value. By working hand-in-glove you’ll ensures a more nuanced and effective PR strategy over time.

Top PR Hints And Tips For Family-Owned Businesses

  1. Regularly issue press releases for significant events, milestones, or newsworthy activities within the business to relevant media outlets.

  2. Pitch feature stories to the media that highlight the unique aspects of your family business, such as its history, values, and traditions.

  3. Share personal profiles of family members and the wider team involved in the business to humanise the brand.

  4. Sponsor or participate in local events to increase visibility within the community.

  5. Attend and, if possible, speak at relevant industry events to position the business and leadership team as an authority.

  6. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of daily operations and the company culture on social media platforms.

  7. Enter and publicise any industry or local business awards.

About the Author - Matthew Rowe (MCIPR) is the Founder and Director of MJR Marketing and PR Consultancy Ltd. To find out more about making the most of marketing your family business and the role that PR could play, please feel free to get in touch by sending an email to or visiting their website here


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