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Plan For The Worst With An Emergency Board Plan

Business owners often underestimate the impact their death or incapacity will have on the short-term continuation of their business.

In this session Paul Andrews talks to Hayden Bailey from Boodle Hatfield on the role that Emergency Board Plans (EBP's) can have in keeping a family business on track in the event of a crisis arising.

Any business can be adversely affected by the death or incapacity of a key figure and an EBP can help provide key guidance and support to those immediately affected at what will undoubtedly be an emotional time for all concerned.

What should an EBP contain and what should a family business have plans in place for? Decisions will need to be made in the first hour, first week, first month etc and a living document like an EBP can make a massive difference.

Check out the session to find out more.


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