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Lise Moller Inducted Into Family Business Hall Of Fame

We are delighted to announce that Lise Moller has been inducted into the Family Business United ‘Family Business Hall of Fame,’ which recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals and their work in advancing the field of family business.

Lise provides strategic counselling, guidance and support for the continued expansion of the EY Norway Family Enterprise Competence Center into the Nordic markets and globally.

Lise has a pro-active role in developing new competencies as well as design and delivery of new and pioneering programmes to families in business and individuals who are part of family firms encompassing next generation family members, family teams, shareholders, board members, CEOs, and external executives.

She is actively involved in generating strategic initiatives and offering guidance on how to encourage and empower members of family enterprises to identify and seize opportunities of becoming catalysts and change makers for positive impact in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Lise is a family business engagement expert with two decades of experience working with family businesses, enterprising families, family offices and family foundations – from all countries, cultures, industries and generations.

For the past 20 years Lise acted as the primary enabler in building awareness of family enterprises globally: first for The Family Business Network, IMD Global Family Business Center, INSEAD Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise and since 2022 with EY Norway.

She launched several new and pioneering educational programmes for families in business while at IMD; thus building one of the world’s most complete and elite educational portfolios for families in business.

She was responsible for the IMD Global Family Business Award for 10 years; built the Award’s reputation to become the first and foremost Award in the world for leading families in business from across the globe. The Award is given to family enterprises for their best practice and excellence in family, business and ownership governance.

She also headed a joint initiative between IMD and Tsinghua University, China creating the first global educational programme for top Chinese family owned businesses to help them learn how to become successful and sustainable families in business.

In 2020 and 2022 she was named a Top100 Family Influencer by Family Capital Publishing.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United adds, “Lise has been an active innovator and advocate of family firms for many years. She is recognised globally as a family business influencer and has made a real mark in the world of family business and truly deserves her place in the Family Business Hall of Fame.”

As Lise concludes, “I love the human and multi-disciplinary aspect of family business, in all senses of the word. I have been lucky to get to know and work with families in business from all around the world, from all countries, industries, sizes and cultures. From the smaller sized Cuban cigar producer to a Filipino conglomerate with hundreds of thousands of employees. It has been an amazing learning journey for me to help families in business learn together and from each other, whether it has been with FBN, IMD, INSEAD, the Lorange Network or EY Norway. These are places where magic happens and where families in business realize that they are not alone.”

“More recently it has been impressive to see many cases of families who show the way in terms of values based ownership and standing for positive change in a world that really needs it.”

“I set out exactly 20 years ago this year when I started working with FBN and am proud of the long way the field has come since then, the way it has become visible through business school family business centres, research, banks, service providers and so on. It has been an exponential development and the world’s eyes has opened to family business. I would like to think that my work over the years has helped made a difference to help make the world a better place for family businesses.”

“I am thankful to be part of the Family Business Hall of Fame and will be happy to share the news to the world when it is out, for even more positive momentum for family businesses!”


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