SUN 22ND SEP 2019


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Examining Ownership Of The Asian Family Business...

Christian Stewart examines the ownership role in a family owned business in Asia. Read More

Creating An Internal Market For Shares In The Family Business

In a family business how do you deal with someone wanting to cash in their shares and how do you value them? Read More

Truth About Trading In A Family Business

Trading the products or services of the family business for something in return is more common than most people like to admit Read More

Changes To TUPE Rules Cuts Red Tape

Changing owner will find the process of the transfer easier, fairer and more effective. Read More

Family Businesses Perspectives On Responsible Ownership

A review of current thinking and best practice aimed at helping family shareholders (and family members expecting one day to become shareholders) to achieve a more successful approach to the ownership of their business. Read More

Family Ownership Channels To Innovation

Family companies may have a conservative heritage, but new research suggests they can teach us a lot about innovation Read More

We're Engaged!

An insight into what a Christmas time engagement can mean to a family business. Read More

Separating Ownership & Management At Nuqul Group

An insight into the need for clarity from the second generation in Jordan's largest privately owned company. Read More

How Much Control Should You Have Over The Family Firm?

Family ownership can vary from thousands of family members to just one single owner. How to choose the right number for your family business? Read More

Difficulties Of Buy-Sell Agreements

Wayne Rivers explores some of the reasons buy-sell agreements are so difficult to craft and implement. Read More

H‑E‑B to Grant Stock To 55,000 Employees

H‑E‑B, the largest private employer in Texas, announced today that 55,000 employees would be eligible to receive a portion of stock in the company under a new employee ownership plan. Read More

Selling Shares In Private Businesses

With growing numbers of private businesses looking to equity, rather than debt, to raise finance, entrepreneurs have to consider how they might offer share liquidity to their investors at a much earlier stage than ever before. Read More

The 5 Models Of Family Business Ownership

The lack of awareness that family business ownership requires a set of choices is perhaps the greatest – and most harmful – misconception in the field of family business. Read More

Benefits Of A Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders’ agreement can promote discussions on key areas that can get overlooked due to the family dynamic.  Read More

Employee Share Incentives

Employee share incentives are a useful recruitment and retention tool and they can be extremely tax efficient.  How could a family owned business use employee share incentives? Read More