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Refreshing New Look For British Lager, Spitfire

Independent family brewer Shepherd Neame has unveiled a new look for its popular Spitfire Lager.

The refreshing British lager (4% ABV) now has an equally refreshing new visual identity incorporating a bespoke hand-drawn Spitfire logo emulating the vapour trails created by the iconic wartime aircraft which the beer takes its name from.

It retains a Spitfire silhouette, along with a recrafted Shepherd Neame monogram inspired by its heritage as Britain’s oldest brewer, accompanied by the text ‘Kent Born’, drawing upon the provenance and quality of its centuries of brewing experience.

In a first for the Faversham-based brewer and pub company, its Spitfire Lager keg lenses also have an eye-catching additional gold collar, representing the beer’s golden colour and further helping it stand out on the bar.

Shepherd Neame has partnered with global creative partner, Thirst, to deliver the new look for the beer, part of the award-winning Spitfire collection which also includes Spitfire Amber and Golden Ale.

Matt Burns, Executive Creative Director & Co-Founder at Thirst said:

“Spitfire is a beer that not only represents the history of Britain, but also the modern credentials of the Shepherd Neame brand. It's not often a brief like this comes along and it provided Thirst with a perfect opportunity to celebrate the historic and the modern in equal measure."

"With typography being the centrepiece of the new identity, we crafted a wordmark that felt fresh and interesting for a younger consumer, but with distinguishable hand finishes that offer the feeling of credible nostalgia. We evolved the colour palette to link directly to the open Kentish skies where the Spitfires once soared. The blue still feels proudly British yet through a modern lens.”

Shepherd Neame Chief Executive Jonathan Neame said:

“We are very proud to unveil this exciting new look for Spitfire Lager, offering a fresh, contemporary celebration of its iconic British namesake alongside the unique brewing heritage of our Kent homeland.”


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