MON 25TH MAY 2020


Bringing the family business community together


Centenary Cavalcade Marks Family Firm Involvement In Oxfordshire Since The 1930's

Great event supported by a great British family firm, Bishops Move Read More

The Purpose Of The Family Council

The Family Council is the crucible in which the hard realities of business and the soft complexities of the family are blended into a coherent vision Read More

Succession Can Create A Difficult Conversation, But It Doesn’t Have to…

Preparing to pass the business to the next generation is often seen as one of the biggest challenges facing the family business, resulting in changes both for the family and the business Read More

In-Laws & Influence In Family Businesses

In-laws hold a unique position in family businesses, having an impact on the family and business systems... Read More

Managing The Growing Shareholder Base

The increasing number of shareholders over time creates a challenge for many family firms. Read More

Keeping Family Governance Simple

Good governance systems encourage families to communicate and work together more effectively, and they’re pivotal to family business success Read More

Weathering The Storm

When crisis strikes a family business, advisers need a clear plan, with an emphasis on honesty, to minimise reputational damage Read More

10 Steps For Family Office Internet Security

New White Paper explains how family offices can mitigate risk with ten steps towards greater internet security. Read More

The Hidden Values In Family Meetings

Barbara R Hauser and Professor Dennis Jaffe uncover nine hidden benefits of family meetings that strengthen both the family itself and its business. Read More

Innovation & The Art Of Story Telling

So how do families ensure that the next generation has that spark? Recent research suggests that, perhaps surprisingly, story-telling plays a big role. Read More

Can You Over-Communicate?

Lessons from J.M. Huber Corporation’s non-family CEO and Chairman considering whether or not you can over-communicate with your stakeholders. Read More

The Art Of Communication

Open, honest and clear communication is one of the most important hallmarks of a successful multigenerational family business. Read More

Five Factors To Consider When Outsourcing Security

Latest survey shows that increasing number of companies are open to the idea of outsourcing but have they considered the risks appropriately? Read More

Next Generation Awarded £1 Million After Exclusion

Farmers' daughter excluded from family business awarded over £1 million demonstrating the need for communication and management of expectations as part of a succession planning process. Read More

New Community Campaign From G. Seller And Co.

Leicestershire family business launches campaign to collate images from the past and the present to celebrate the communities in which they operate. Read More