THU 20TH FEB 2020


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Finance Experts Appointed To Board Of New British Business Bank

Business Secretary Vince Cable confirms the appointment of Ron Emerson as the first Chair of the government-owned British Business Bank. Read More

Are Family Firms 'Stashing The Cash'?

Why Britain's SMEs are saving money, and why that could be a good thing Read More

Family Businesses: Increasingly Attractive To Outside Investors?

Do investors miss out if the business seeking investment is a family business? Read More

Wise Business Plans Help Family Businesses & Families Stay Strong

Careful planning doesn't just show that you've done your due diligence - it's a sign of respect. Read More

Investment Bank Of 'Mum and Dad'

Anxiety amongst some parents that their children won’t be able to secure employment or face large debts, with many planning to help them with financial outlays. Read More

Failures Coming For Australian Family Firms?

David Harland from FINH explains why many of Australia's family businesses are setting themselves up to fail within the next decade Read More

A Capital Revolution for Australian Family Businesses

Interesting insight as access to Patient Capital gives Australian Family Businesses the backing to go global. Read More

Effective Communication About Family Business Finances

David Harland looks at the challenges around money and considers how to talk about money in the family business context. Read More