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Ward Partners With EfW Specialist Andusia And Invests In Net Zero Push

Midlands-based metal recycling and waste management firm, Ward, has signed a new partnership with recovered fuel specialist Andusia that will see more waste diverted from landfill and exported to Europe, where it will be used to create energy.

The partnership will see over 25,000 tonnes per year of residual material from Ward’s materials recovery facility making its way to energy from waste (EfW) plants in Germany.

As part of the agreement, Ward has been working with baling systems specialist Witham Mills to install new baling and wrapping equipment at its Forward site at Ilkeston.

Powered by renewable energy, the move underpins Ward’s ongoing commitment to achieving its Net Zero aim of delivering 100% of materials processed from ending up in landfill.

Ben Stubbs, Operations Manager at Ward, said: “Energy from Waste is becoming pivotal in achieving global Net Zero aims and something we’ve been increasingly focused on, so this partnership demonstrates an ongoing commitment for Ward.”

“As a leading waste and recycling specialist, we consistently produce a high-quality product to a tight specification, which is vital for ensuring a reliable RDF supply. In addition, our continuous investment in improving and increasing our waste processing capacity makes us the perfect strategic partner for Andusia.”

Mark Terrell of Andusia, said: “We were impressed by Ward’s reputation as a leading waste and recycling specialist and their aim to achieve zero to landfill wherever possible.”

“Our organisations are perfectly aligned and Andusia is proud to be supporting Ward’s mission by working together to ensure more waste is recovered and diverted away from landfill and back into the supply chain to create renewable energy.”


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