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Unlock Your Single Family Office Potential With ‘Reshaping Reality

A new book, 'Reshaping Reality: Unlocking the Potential of the Single Family Office' edited by Greg McCann and Jill Barber has just been released and is an edited collection written by some of the most influential thought leaders in the field today, challenging the traditional approach to family offices and offering a roadmap for their future.

Reshaping Reality provides a fresh perspective on the role of single family offices in today's ever-changing world. The book argues that family offices have accomplished great things but must continue to evolve to remain relevant and impactful.

Based on an analysis of changing perceptions and realities around wealth, Reshaping Reality explores common "design flaws" in the development of single family offices and offers practical solutions for greater relevancy, leadership development, learning, and more.

Reshaping Reality is written for family leaders, single family office leaders, and others interested in the field. The book is edited by Greg McCann, Founder, Board Member, and Advisor of Generation6 Family Enterprise Advisors and Jill Barber, President of CYMI Holdings. Each chapter offers unique insights into the current state of single family offices and their potential for the future.

From understanding changing perceptions and realities around wealth to investing in the

development of family office professionals and creating a culture of learning, Reshaping Reality provides a comprehensive view of the next step in the evolution of single family offices. McCann and Barber have brought together an impressive array of contributors to offer a comprehensive view of the current state of single family offices and their potential for the future.

The book features contributions from prominent family office leaders, consultants, academics, and researchers, including the following chapters:

1. Wealth: Perception Shapes Reality by Jill Shipley

2. Family Office Relevancy: Doing What’s Asked for and What’s Needed by Jim Coutré

3. The Transformative Family Office by Andrew Keyt

4. Family Office Leadership: Investing in the Development of the Professionals by Jill Barber and Greg McCann

5. The Role of Learning in the Family-Centered Office: A Pathway to Building Capacities Needed to Thrive by Stacy Allred and Mary Duke

6. The Antidote to Private Equity by Paul Carbone

Reshaping Reality: Unlocking the Potential of the Single Family Office is available now for purchase on and a must-read for anyone interested in the future of family offices and their role in shaping our world. It is the first book release of a series of publications for the Generation6 Innovation Series, the collaborative arm of Generation6 Family Enterprise Advisors. Generatation6 Innovation Series is a catalyst for deep thinking, engaging discussions, and cultivating innovation to give back to the family business field.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United adds, "I was delighted to read a draft of the book and to provide a review too."

"Reshaping Reality offers a comprehensive look into how family offices can take underlying family business values and become a real force for good, building on their different pillars of capital and the development of individuals to make a measurable and collective impact. For me, it is a must-read for people in the family office space."

Find out more about the book here

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