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Top HR Approaches To Boost Employee Engagement

New research explores the top practical approaches for HR to boost employee engagement in 2023.

Key Findings:

  • 72% of UK staff believe their workplace wellbeing would improve if they were simply thanked for their hard work

  • Over 4 in 5 UK employees say workplace burnout has an impact on their overall mental health and wellbeing

  • 24% of UK employees say that they are no longer going ‘above and beyond’ at work

The new research report commissioned by global HR technology and employee engagement company Reward Gateway calls for HR managers to include practical, human-centred solutions in their core strategy for 2023 to boost engagement.

The past few years of prolonged uncertainty and disruption has had a significant impact on employees and HR leaders today. The report findings reflect this change and reveal a significant disconnect between employers and employees when it comes to engagement. A minority of employees rate the physical (32%), mental (39%) and financial (28%) wellbeing support from their employers as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

However, the majority of employers believe they are excelling in this area. With over 2 in 5 employees frequently experiencing burnout, the report highlights science-based, practical strategies to boost overall wellbeing and increase employee engagement, in turn mitigating employee burnout.

The research findings of 1,015 employees and 250 HR managers in the UK show that wellbeing benefits are imperative to re-engage staff today, given that 24% of UK employees state they are no longer going above and beyond at work. Moreover, 72% of employees say that their workplace wellbeing would improve if they were simply thanked and recognised more frequently for their hard work, as a lack of recognition can trigger a sense of pointlessness at work.

Almost half of UK employees say that they frequently experience feelings of overwhelm, driven by the current ‘war for talent,’ constant adjustments to life post-pandemic, and ever-increasing inflationary pressures. With 72% of employees stating that they have felt a lasting negative effect from the last few years of constant upheaval and uncertainty, there is a clear gap in expectations for improvement when it comes to wellbeing support.

Reward Gateway’s report brings to light specific, practical ways HR managers and senior executives can re-engage their workforce in 2023, citing the four R’s: Revive, Remind, Recharge and Recognise. This framework encourages employees to think about why they decided to accept their job in the first place, and to remind them of all the benefits and support available to them beyond the paycheque.

Rob Boland, COO at Reward Gateway, says: “The findings from the report confirm that a subtle societal evolution has taken place where physical, mental and financial wellbeing in the workplace is now expected at the core of every company’s HR strategy. Our new research further suggests that employers and employees need to be connected on all fronts now more than ever, with 93% of UK employees saying that feeling heard is an important contributor to their wellbeing at work."

"Clearly defining the support available to all employees and ensuring that employees feel recognised and valued in the workplace is key for both financial and career wellbeing.”

This research was commissioned by Reward Gateway, whose platform enables organisations to improve employee engagement to build better, stronger and more resilient organisations.

Download and read the full report here:

Download PDF • 3.08MB


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