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The Experience Of Women In Family Enterprise

In this session Paul Andrews speaks to Jean Santos and Celine Casamina from Business Consulting Resources about the findings from their latest 'Women Leaders in Family Enterprise' research project that explored the experiences of women in family business with regards gender bias and imposter syndrome.

The conversation explores the findings, some of the differences between the results for the US and UK and looks at some of the possible reasons for some of the findings too.

49% of all respondents acknowledged having experienced some degree of gender bias, of which 24% in the UK and 43% in the USA felt that this came from fellow family members. There were statistically significant results confirming that there are still challenges balancing family and work responsibilities, that women felt the need to work harder than others to prove themselves and that imposter syndrome remains prevalent today.

This is an ongoing project but the initial findings clearly demonstrate that more needs to be done, education is needed and that plenty more conversations need to be had, role models identified and celebrated and certain societal matters still need to be addressed too.


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