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Supplying The Best Woodcare To Minstead Trust

Brewers were thrilled to be able to help Minstead Trust once again with the donation of woodcare products to paint their Health and Wellbeing Hut at Minstead Lodge. We donated 90L of Ronseal One Coat Fencelife in Forest Green to protect the timber of the Health and Wellbeing Hut, whilst adding a fresh new colour! The final result looks fantastic and we can’t wait to see people enjoying the refreshed space.

Petra Palser from Minstead Trust said:

“Minstead Trust supports over 300 people with learning disabilities along the south coast from Poole to Portsmouth and Minstead Lodge is the central hub for all our operations."

"The buildings and grounds were gifted to the charity by the founder, Tim Selwood, and provide some amazing opportunities for people with learning disabilities to learn crafts such as pottery, felting, weaving, woodwork, gardening and more. Maintaining the grounds and the buildings is costly for a charity and we rely a lot on volunteers and the generosity of people and businesses to keep everything going.”

“Our Health and Wellbeing Hut is of huge importance to the people we support, it provides a sensory space away from the hustle and bustle of the other activities. Groups of 2 – 8 people attend one of three sessions every day in meditation, drama and dance. The building was in desperate need of re-painting before the wood degraded and without Brewers generous donation of paint and brushes for the job, we would not have managed this before winter when the weather would have made things even worse.”

“Thank you so much for preserving this space for us, in the session that I sat in on last Thursday afternoon it was plain to see the need for, and the incredible worth of, this space for the people who use it.”


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