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Pentland Brands Celebrate Outstanding Team Achievements

This year, at Pentland Brands, they continued to make waves and reshape the industry, all thanks to the brilliant teams behind their groundbreaking products and standout campaigns.

The dedicated teams have not only inspired consumers but also delivered exceptional performance. At the heart of the Chairs Awards are global teams who have truly excelled in their commitment to building a stronger and sharper business.

Elevating & growing brands

Team Speedo won the Stronger Award for its remarkable growth in Europe, successful expansion into Asia and outstanding performance in the USA. Team Speedo also won the Closer Award for the launch of the exclusive partnership with the China Swimming Team.

This partnership will see Speedo proudly sponsor and outfit the team at all international competitions, including the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028.

Our Inventory and Cash Management teams received the well-deserved Sharper Award for their unwavering dedication to continuous improvement, resulting in sharper operations across the board.

Leading the way in product innovation

The Canterbury team took home the Better Award for their remarkable strides in innovation with the launch and sell-out of the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite boot. Weighing in at a mere 217 grammes, the boot is the lightest and most advanced rugby boot the brand has ever produced. By combining futuristic technology and high-tech materials, it meets the demands of the modern player and has already demonstrated phenomenal performance.

Speedo’s commitment to innovation was further highlighted, with Team Speedo winning the Pioneering Moment of the Year Award for the global success of the Speedo Biofuse 2.0 goggles relaunch. These critically acclaimed goggles deliver clearer vision and enhanced comfort and showcase the team’s dedication to making the best even better.

Positive Business achievements

The Berghaus and Positive Business teams received the Positive Business Award in recognition of their efforts to reduce the brand’s impact on the planet and their commitment to making the outdoors accessible to all. As the first brand within the Pentland Brands portfolio to achieve B Corp status, Berghaus is leading the way in our commitment to doing good, setting an inspiring example for our other brands to follow.

Chirag Patel, CEO of Pentland Brands, commented:

“From music festivals to swimming pools, hillsides to sports pitches, our brands are there, making life better for millions of consumers around the world. This year has been a tapestry of incredible moments, which have been made possible by the brilliant teams that drive our success."

“A huge congratulations to all the winners and nominees for their remarkable achievements, and a big thank you to everyone for their hard work and commitment in 2023. As we move into 2024, we’ll build on this success and shape an even brighter future together.”

The 2023 Chair Awards winners are …

Alex Wang – Alistair Farrell – Alistair Kilgour – Amy Humphries – Andy Edgar – Andy Lowe – Andy Young – Annabelle Parle – Antony Spark – Ben Cooper – Ben Lacey – Bridget Marshall-Keith – Canelle Paschal – Claire Leyland – David Li – David Lyon – Donna Elliott – Ebin Jacob – Edison Zhao – Emma Hill – Graham Gannon – Hong Chan – Ian Cartwright – Irina Ding – Isabelle Caesar – Ismahan Bel-Lahsen – Jack Richardson – Jamie Mclaren – Jiaqi You – Jon Saj – Jon Stanley – Kaiesha Gibson – Kathy Du – Katie McNamara – Kirsty Saddler – Kirsty Walker – Kristen Stoner – Laurent Ameline – Lena Yu – Lisa Bantich Cook – Louise McGeoghegan – Lucien Yuan – Lucy Evans – Mark Williams – Martyn Smith – Megan Rich – Namratha Ramesh – Nathalie Coulomb – Nathan Emms – Paula Bahn – Peggy Wang – Perveen Sanghera – Phil Greene – Rachel Hu – Rachel Maksymiw – Rebecca Burkett – Rohaan Nirmalendran – Ryan Yau – Salize Wu – Sam Carter – Sam Cockeram – Sam Keers – Sanam Soufipour – Sara Brennan – Simon Rowe – Steve Ingamells – Sully Sun – Susan Liu – Taryn Bothomley – Terry Tai – Thomas Whitmer – Tim Cox – Tracy Liu – Vicky Chang – Vivian Lau – Wayne Danby – Whitney Searcey – Ye Lu.


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