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Nick Di Loreto Inducted Into Family Business Hall Of Fame

We are delighted to announce that Nick Di Loreto has been inducted into the Family Business United ‘Family Business Hall of Fame,’ which recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals and their work in advancing the field of family business.

Nick helps the owners of leading family businesses and family offices across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East to align on matters of purpose, enterprise design, owner strategy, and governance as they prepare for and navigate generational transition.

Nick is a Partner at BanyanGlobal. For the past decade, he has guided leading families in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to design their enterprise governance, to evaluate their business portfolios and organizational capabilities, and to plan for generational transition. Nick has also been a facilitator at the Families in Business Program at Harvard Business School, has written for many leading publications including Family Business Magazine and Harvard Business Review, and speaks regularly on family business transition topics.

Nick was born and raised in the Midwest and was first exposed to family business in high school when he worked in his family’s medical technology business. This was his first experience of reporting, professionally, to his father, and he came to appreciate first-hand the tensions, the complexity, and the deep sense of accomplishment that can result from achieving business success with close family members.

He went East to college at Bucknell and immediately afterwards went to work at Accenture, where he helped to design and launch products, manage client partner relationships, and conduct business development. After Accenture, Nick attended the Yale School of Management, where he earned his MBA with Distinction, concentrating on finance and strategy. During that time, he also worked as an energy sector credit analyst for Standard and Poor’s.

Nick came East and never went back, thanks to his Boston-based wife and his three daughters. While he may not reside there, Nick remains a die-hard Detroit sports fan, much to the chagrin of many of his colleagues. He also is a runner and a self-proclaimed amateur chef, who enjoys exploring local fare with the families he works with around the globe.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United adds, “Nick continues to make a notable contribution to the world of family business through his writing, teaching and consultancy services and truly deserves his place in the Family Business Hall of Fame.”

As Nick concludes, “Working with our clients is an incredibly rewarding. Helping them find consensus not only sustains the family and business across generations, but also positively influences their employees, their customers, and the communities within which they operate."

"It’s an honour and a pleasure to work together to help them realise those goals. I am delighted to be inducted into the Family Business Hall Of Fame.”

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