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New Partner For Recruiting Board & Senior Team Members

Family Business United is delighted to be able to provide family businesses with a service to help in the recruitment of their Board and senior team. In association with our new National Partner, TWYD & Co, an Executive Search and Talent Advisory business exclusively designed for family businesses, we’re helping our members to find their next Executive or Non-Executive team member.

With their own heritage in family business, they pride themselves in being able to crack your genetic code, enabling them to find the talent that aligns perfectly with your vision, values and culture.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of FBU explains, "For business families to evolve and thrive, having the right leadership team in place is paramount, especially in such a rapidly changing world. In order to keep pace, they need boards and senior executives with the requisite skills and diversity to guide them. Whether the goal is to facilitate a generational transition, drive sustainable growth, or transform strategic exits into reality, the leadership skills required to achieve each are markedly different."

"Furthermore, the skills required to lead a family business on the next stage of their journey will be different to those of the previous CEO and senior team, and the team at TWYD & Co are well placed to provide a discreet sounding board and provide advice and guidance throughout the recruitment process."
"We have known David for many years now and are delighted to finally be able to work together to provide a service that will help family businesses achieve their recruitment goals too."

As a National Partner of Family Business United, TWYD & Co act as a discreet sounding board, supported by heritage, knowledge and empathy.

Heritage: Decades of experience in executive search, combined with their own heritage as successful family business owners and pioneering founders gives them a unique perspective and network.

Knowledge: They intimately understand the challenges and aspirations of family businesses.

Empathy: They learn from your story, understand your DNA and create a search strategy to provide you with the individuals who match.

If you are looking to hire a Chair, NED, CEO or a new member of your top team, please provide TWYD & Co with the relevant information by completing the online form and they will be in touch to discuss your requirements and explain more about the process in order for you to make a decisions as to the way forward.

As David Twiddle, Managing Partner of TWYD & Co concludes:

"As a family-owned Executive Search and Talent Advisory firm with the sole focus of helping family businesses thrive, we are thrilled to become a National Partner of Family Business United. Together, we share a passion for supporting business families throughout the UK and we look forward to making a meaningful impact within the FBU community."

Find out more about the service and make contact with David and the team at TWYD & Co here


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