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New Book Launch: Four Steps To Flow

Feisal Alibhai's Four Steps to Flow introduces a groundbreaking way of approaching life. Challenging our fundamental understanding of head versus heart, it offers an innovative path to a meaningful life lived in a state of continuous flow.

Follow your head, and you will forever argue with yourself about whether you are making the right decision.

Follow your heart, and you will stew in emotional turmoil. In both cases, the name of the game is confusion, anxiety, and drama.

Three life-changing crises shocked business tycoon Feisal Alibhai into the realization that success isn’t enough.

The key to leading a fulfilling life is to engage both head and heart by taking four simple steps.


"Flow takes you on a spiritual journey where Buffet meets Siddharta with perfect balance. This is the new Monk 2.0." Jason Axmith, Founder Cosecha Imports, former CEO of Robin Sharma International

"One of those rare adventures others need to hear about to inspire them to uncover within themselves potential they have no clue exists." Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author of The Awakened Family

"Having had the privilege to be a dear friend to Feisal through many of the peaks and troughs in his life that he has discussed in this book I am enthralled with the way that he has managed to simplify and articulate one of the most essential keys to a meaningful life……the alignment of head and heart. A counterintuitive theory like this one is not always easy to understand and even more so difficult to digest. Feisal’s life examples in bite size portions simplify the entire idea allowing for realistic action and execution. The reader, if willing and open, will see the barriers blocking their true self slowly unravel." Adnan Hassanali, ALIEL Managing Director

"Rarely have I seen a person so courageously dedicated to his own healing. It's my hope that readers are so inspired by reading his journey as I was in witnessing it." Dr. Habib Sedeghi, Author of The Clarity Cleanse

"The new generation should be aware of the suffering of their ancestors. This awareness will provide them with drive and clarity that complete focus on one’s own health is the only key to happiness and success." Alain Spruyt, CEO Driesassur

About the Author - Feisal Alibhai, a serial entrepreneur who has lived on five continents and founded more than a dozen companies, is today the founder and CEO of Qineticare, the world’s first Family Health Office. Working with families across the globe, Feisal shares a revolutionary approach to health, wellbeing, and the art of living in flow.

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