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New Book Launch: The Power Of Legacy

The Power of Legacy: Engaging Generations Developing Leadership Planning Succession, written by Charles Leichtweis is out now.

Charlie Leichtweis is one of those rare individuals who can help you understand WHAT your organization needs to be doing and HOW to do it. With more than 40 years’ experience, he specialises in serving family businesses as a C-suite executive, consulting advisor, and as a board member.

Only 40% of family-owned businesses reach the second generation, 13% get to a third, and just 3% are passed down to a fourth generation or beyond.

Using real life case examples of successful multi-generational businesses, this book gives you everything you need to know to ensure your family business legacy.

Meghan Juday, Chairman of the Board at IDEAL Industries Inc added that "Charlie Leichtweis has masterfully compiled stories and insights that will help make your family business legacy a success."


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