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Glasgow Community Gains New Sensory Area and Minibus

Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust is proud to announce two further donations to local community initiatives in north Glasgow.

The Ashgill Steering Group will receive £2,600 for the creation of a sensory area at the Ashgill Recreation Centre (ARC). This dedicated space will be designed to support children with autism and other additional support needs, marking a significant step forward in community inclusion.

Christine Donnelly of the Ashgill Steering Group expressed her gratitude:

“We can’t thank the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust enough. This funding will be a huge benefit to kids, and their families, in Milton who have additional support needs, helping them feel more included. This will be the first place in Milton to have such a dedicated resource. Thank you so much on behalf of all at Ashgill Recreation Centre.”

Gerry Facenna, owner and founder of Allied Vehicles, who grew up in North Glasgow, shared his enthusiasm for the project:

“Having grown up in this area I am deeply committed to supporting our local communities; the children will benefit immensely from the new sensory area at the ARC in Milton. It will be great to see these young people get the essential resources that they need to enjoy a more inclusive environment.”

In addition to supporting the sensory area, Allied Vehicles has made a transformative donation of a minibus to North Glasgow Boxing, a local club which is also part of the ARC, that has been a cornerstone of the Milton community since 2009. This vehicle will enable the club to transport its young athletes to competitions and events beyond Glasgow, significantly extending its reach and impact.

Jocko Reid, who has been leading North Glasgow Boxing Club since its founding, said:

“We are over the moon that Allied has provided this bus for us, and it has made a huge difference to the club. Our boxers can now go to events and sparring sessions weekly and as a team. A big thank you from me and from everyone at North Glasgow ABC.”

Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Jacqueline McLaren, attended the handover of the minibus, saying: “The minibus is knock-out. This generous donation by Allied Vehicles will prove a real game-changer giving North Glasgow Boxing Club’s talented athletes the opportunity to travel as individuals and teams to bouts and competitions. The club is a marvellous Milton institution that’s played an integral part in improving and strengthening community life. This minibus puts them firmly on the road to greater things.”


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