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GAP Group Receives Gold For Second Year Running

GAP Hire Solutions, the UK’s largest independent equipment hire company, is delighted to confirm its continued FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Gold Certification, operating in all depots south of, and including, Birmingham. This award is the pinnacle for fleet operators’ organisations.

The scheme supports GAP’s drive to continually improve operator safety, fuel economy and vehicle emissions. It also helps embed the most efficient operations throughout the business. Put simply, the scheme demonstrates that GAP, as a national hire company, is achieving and maintaining industry leading best practice in efficient, sustainable and safe commercial vehicle fleet management. In maintaining Gold certification, GAP ensures compliance with all aspects of Road Transport Law.

Being committed to ambitious sustainability and carbon reduction targets, GAP Hire Solutions only purchases vehicles fitted with the latest euro VI diesel engines, thereby limiting environmental impacts by achieving significant reductions in CO2, NOx, and Particulate Matter emissions. Additionally, the recent inclusion of electric vehicles into the fleet has enabled GAP to support customers with the implementation of ‘zero emission sites’.

GAP also continues to invest in its fleet, fitting all HGVs with state-of-the-art safety equipment including cameras, nearside proximity aids and audible reversing alarms which support safe driving practices in congested urban areas. Furthermore, GAP has invested in an industry leading asset management, delivery and telematics system which supports the monitoring of driver behaviours and includes route planning capabilities and contributes towards a reduction in idling, ‘unnecessary miles’ and fuel usage.

Allister Maxwell, Head of Safety, Risk & Compliance, at GAP commented: “GAP’s continued FORS certification demonstrates that our drivers and vehicles are maintaining exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency and environmental protection.”


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