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Gallo's Luxury Wine Group Announces Addition To Its Portfolio

Gallo’s Luxury Wine Group is pleased to announce the addition of Massican to its portfolio of wines, as well as Gallo’s partnership with its visionary founder and winemaker, Dan Petroski.

Since its founding in 2009, Massican has been a “white wines only” winery – a rarity in California – that prides itself on transparency and ethical environmental practices. In recent years, Dan has been vocal about Massican’s uncommon goal in the luxury wine space: fair pricing for a more inclusive wine community – a “scalable authenticity.”

Dan will continue to control winemaking, sourcing, and brand vision while benefitting from Gallo’s extensive vineyard holdings and grower relationships. Through Gallo’s Lux Wines sales team, Massican will expand its distribution footprint to reach more customers and consumers.

“Dan makes great wine,” says Brand Manager John Irwin,

“That’s where it has to start, but credibility matters, stewardship matters, and all wine drinkers, from the collector to the novice, want an authentic experience. These are not typical wines, especially for California; they’re low in alcohol, high in acid, salty, fresh. I think that’s because they’re an extension of Dan…there’s a humanity and vision to his wines.”

“As a solopreneur, I have taken Massican as far as I could go alone,” says Dan Petroski. “To achieve my vision of being one of the most important white wines made in California, I needed the support of the best professionals in this industry – I found that in Gallo. I can’t wait to see what we can do.”

Together, Massican and Gallo will carve out a welcoming space in luxury wine: Mediterranean-inspired white wines made with transparency and respect for environmental impact.

About Massican and Dan Petroski:

Massican was founded in 2009 in Napa by Dan Petroski to make the kinds of wines he and his friends always drank. Inspired by Italy’s fresh and mineral white wines, he started Napa’s first - and only - white wine winery, growing from 400 cases in his first vintage to 7,500 cases in 2022.

Beyond making wine, Dan has been a thought leader regarding the future of California wine, long advocating for a more transparent and inclusive approach to fine wine. He serves on the Board of the Napa Valley Grapegrowers as Chair of the Industry Issues Committee, overseeing all things from land use policy, climate change, water rights, wildfire, pesticide regulation, and more. He also serves on the Board of Napa Green, a global leader in sustainable winegrowing certification. In 2017 he was named “Winemaker of the Year” by the San Francisco Chronicle, and in 2022, Food & Wine Magazine named him one of their Innovators of the Year.

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