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Furniture Village Join Family Business Matters Campaign

Charlie Harrison, Managing Director of Furniture Village is the latest contributor to share his thoughts and take part in the #FamilyBusinessMatters campaign where representatives of the family business community are encouraged to share their view on why family business matters.

The campaign is organised by Family Business United to once more amplify the voice of the sector and drive more recognition of the contribution of family firms across the UK.

As Charlie explains, " Family business matters because being a family business lies at the heart of our success."

"It’s our shared family values that drive us to achieve with purpose, re-invest in our business and people, and form lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers."

"It’s our family structure that gives us an edge in the face of a shifting retail landscape, allowing us to respond with agility and innovation to the challenges of today and tomorrow."

"It’s our family culture that creates a workplace where opportunity, career progression and encouragement are for all, not just a few. It’s our family leaders that offer a winning combination of stability and entrepreneurial spirit as they steer our business towards our long-term vision with strategic planning and genuine passion."

"And finally, it’s our family ethos that makes Furniture Village a business where company loyalty, pride and the desire to do well are commonplace."

The #FamilyBusinessMatters campaign is the authentic voice of the family business community and you can keep up to date with all the latest views on twitter here.

If you want to share your view and take part in this campaign, you can do so by completing the campaign form here


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