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Every Picture Tells A Story - New Family Business Campaign Launched

Family Business United are delighted to be launching our annual photographic campaign and are now open for entries to showcase that family business matters and this year are focusing on the overall importance and contribution of the family business sector.

To that end, we are looking to compile a collection of images that define the sector, its history, showcase its diversity and help define the narrative that is ‘family business Britain.’

Every family business has a narrative and every family business has been on a journey. Collectively they have a real presence and to share the story that is family business here in the UK will be made more powerful by the combined story told through the pictures in the collection. As, we all know, every picture tells a story and we are looking to build a special collection that really does have a story of its own.

In previous years we have used the images provided to create a flag of the UK that was populated with images and shared at our National Family Business Show in York, a face of family businesses that was turned into a digital campaign and last year a map of the UK which was unveiled on National Family Business Day at a dinner in London.

This year, we are looking to collate a set of images that relate to the following categories:

  • People (family and non-family, involved today and from the past generations of family members too, reflecting the characters and founders that started out, subsequent teams and those responsible for the family business today)

  • History (images from the archive that showcase the past and where the business has come from)

  • Products

  • Brands and Assets (vans and cars, products and their packaging, shops and shop fronts etc)

  • Community engagement (sport team sponsorship, charitable endeavours and other related community engagement)

  • The general essence of family business (fun images that reflect your style, culture, business)

Up to 10 images can be supplied per family business based in the UK which need to be supplied with the following information:

General Details needed for your submissions:

  • Name of Business

  • Business Sector

  • Email Address

  • Website

  • Year Founded

Specific Details for each image supplied:

  • Title of Image

  • Description of Image

  • Year (if known)

We can accept up to 10 images per family business as part of the project which will be developed and launched online initially and will select a shortlist of images as finalists in the competition before winners in each of the categories are selected.

There is no cost for participation but we are looking to further build on this campaign by creating a digital family business archive that can preserve items of interest from the family business community for generations to come.

We are currently ‘crowd funding’ for this campaign and if you would like to make a donation towards the cost of building the archive please do so here. Every penny helps and there are plenty of ways to support the project too from making a donation to advertising on the website and being a founding patron.

As Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United explains, "This is an annual campaign that highlights the depth and diversity of the family business sector here in the UK. As well as being a great way to showcase the sector there is a competitive edge too and we are always amazed at the variety of images that are submitted."

"We look forward to receiving images by March 31, 2024 from all corners of the UK and creating another successful campaign that tells a story and helps us to further demonstrate the importance of family businesses across the country."

Images need to be sent to together with the details outlined above. The collection will be shared in due course and the finalists in the competition announced shortly thereafter before a public vote determines the winners.

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