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Embracing Digital Transformation Of The Family Business

2020 highlighted the need for digital transformation around the world and in every sector with family businesses that had invested in IT infrastructure being able to keep working when their countries went into lockdown. Companies that hadn’t were left scrambling.

Mandatory remote work has proven that digital transformation has very real business benefits. It isn’t a load of buzzwords and IT fads. Companies that hadn’t invested in it in the past are almost certainly doing so right now.

However, the latest research from Vistage found that despite seeing the need for digital transformation, leaders aren’t always confident they can make it happen:

  • 32% said they don’t feel confident about their ability to lead digital transformation projects, compared to 21% that said they do

  • 38% said their business wasn’t ready to embrace it, compared to 26% that said it was

  • 35% said their business model wasn’t ready, compared to 28% that felt it was

So how can non-technical leaders take ownership of digital transformation and drive it forward?

In this guide, the team at Vistage share tips and advice that will help any leader make digital transformation happen in their organisation.

How to lead digital transformation projects with total confidence – even if you don’t have a technical background. Read the guide below to find out more and visit the Vistage website to see how they work with business leaders ON their business too.

Download and read the guide below:

Download PDF • 1.81MB


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