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Effective Communication is the lubricant of organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Clear, straightforward communication fosters good working relationships and results in good staff morale and higher productivity. We all communicate in businesses, but often not very well and most communication is wasted. This course focuses on the key aspects in effectively communicating at all levels and offers a structure for all organisations to construct their own communication network and cycle of meetings right for them.

Who is this course for?

This course is for leaders and managers, from CEO to first-line supervision, who wish to establish a consistent and effective way of communicating to individuals and to teams across departments within their organisation.

It is for leaders and managers considering improving internal communications i.e. within their own business, company, organisation, firm. (This course does not cover communicating with external stakeholders such as customers/clients, suppliers etc.).

The course begins with what is communication, why it is important and details the 5 communication channels before exploring the importance of empathy and the emotionally intelligent communicator ahead of understanding how to positively use influence, persuasion, motivation and assertiveness before concluding with practical examples of communication working in practice with different types of meetings.

Number of Modules: 4

Duration: 8 - 12 hours

Available: Online, In-Person or Supported With Coaching

Module 1 – Communicating Well Internally

  • Workbook

  • Current View of Communication in the Workplace

  • Communication vs Effective Communication

  • Channels of communication

  • Spoken or Verbal Communication

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Written Communication

  • Visual Communication

  • Active Listening

  • Check your knowledge

Module 2 – Understanding, Empathy and the Emotionally Intelligent Communicator

  • Workbook

  • Whole Brain Thinking

  • VAK Learning Styles

  • Empathy

  • Check your knowledge

Module 3 – Influence, Persuasion, Motivation & Assertiveness

  • Workbook

  • The Impact of Influence

  • The Power of Persuasion

  • Motivation

  • Assertiveness

  • Barriers to Effectively Communicating

  • Check your knowledge

Module 4 – Building a Communication Network and Effective Meetings Cycle

  • Workbook

  • Communication and Engagement

  • Communication Network

  • Cycle of Meetings

  • Check your knowledge

Feedback from previous course delegates:

"Really enjoyed doing these modules! There are points that have really resonated with current situations in my work place. Lots of reflection for me, and feeling empowered to face challenges and lead my teams - thank you."
Loads of great content on this course and it reminded me about many things I'd learned on the QuoLux™ LEAD™ course. It refreshed and re-energised my attitude to effective communication and how important it is in leading dynamic teams.

“This training programme is being run on behalf of Family Business United by QuoLux™, a family business themselves and a certified B Corporation.”


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