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Celebrations As Much Missed Bakery Item Makes Return

A Derbyshire family bakery is bringing back a ‘gone but not forgotten’ treat, and customers are going ‘quackers’ at the thought of it.

Connoisseurs of all things baked have been championing the return of a popular product after its space on the bakery counter has been left empty for the past few years.

Now, there is good news on the horizon, as Derbyshire and Notts based Stacey’s Bakery plans to reintroduce the much-loved and missed ‘Ey Up Me Duck’ gingerbread treat.

Stacey’s Bakery, which has shops in Ilkeston, Eastwood and Heanor, created the tasty biscuit back in 2017, and it quickly became a customer favourite.

Taking its name from the world-renowned local greeting, Ey Up Me Duck – a phrase even adopted by mega stars such as Angelina Jolie when she greeted Derby actor Jack O’ Connell with it at an awards ceremony - the treat is both region-endorsing as well as cute and, of course, delicious.

The cake is in the shape of a duck and is a combination of some of the treats that customers of the bakery love. It contains favourite flavours including flapjack, congress tart filling, spices, jam and Stacey's much-loved gingerbread.

So, where has the little cutie been hiding all these years?

David Stacey, owner of the century-old family bakery, said: “Unfortunately, Covid sent the little gem into hiding. We stopped making them around Christmas 2019, to temporarily make way for traditional festive treats."

“We would have brought them back ready for the spring and Easter in 2020, but Covid hit and, as everyone knows, things went crazy. We just didn't bring them back after that.”

However, now the little ducks are getting ready to get back into the swim of things.

David said: “We were constantly asked when they would return. We listen to our customers, and always intended to bring back this favourite as soon as it was possible."

“They are more labour intensive than the other gingerbread items, but they are totally worth it. We’ve now got all of our ducks in a row and are ready to release the ducks again."

“The new year may have started with a traditional duck race, but, in this case, it is the customers who are racing to pick up one of these treats.”

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