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Celebrating Yorkshire Family Businesses

Family Business United, the leading organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting family-owned enterprises, is delighted to announce the upcoming Yorkshire Family Business Day which is taking place on February 8. This special day is designed to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contributions of family businesses to the national economy.

Family businesses play a crucial role in fostering economic growth, creating jobs, and maintaining a strong sense of community. Yorkshire Family Business Day will provide an opportunity for these businesses to showcase their stories, share their experiences, and highlight the unique aspects that make family enterprises thrive.

Paul Andrews, CEO of Family Business United, is delighted to be organising the day again this year, adding; "Family businesses are the backbone of the economy, and Yorkshire Family Business Day is a fantastic annual occasion to shine a spotlight on their achievements. These businesses embody resilience, innovation, and a commitment to their communities, and we are proud to celebrate their success."

Participants in Yorkshire Family Business Day can expect a day filled with insightful discussions and insights on social media, profile raising opportunities and engagement with plenty of recognition for their dedication to building enduring enterprises. The event will bring together a diverse range of family businesses, from small local enterprises to large, multi-generational companies as well as the advisers that support them.

Family Business United encourages all family businesses and advisory firms who work with family business clients in Yorkshire to join in the celebrations.  By coming together, the family business community can amplify the impact and showcase the strength and resilience that characterises family-owned enterprises, as well as the contribution they make each and every day.

As Paul concludes, “This is a day for us to highlight the significant contribution of family businesses across Yorkshire, in terms of the jobs they provide, the income they generate and the wealth they create, as well as the massive impact that they have on communities across the country."

Each family business has a story to tell and we are encouraging them all to share pictures of who they are and what they do, share their narrative and the things that they do so that we can amplify their voice and demonstrate their impact too.  Each year the day gets bigger with more and more activity on social media and we are looking forward to a fabulous #YorkshireFamilyBizDay which shines the light on this sector and all that it does to support the nation.”

Follow the social media activity on X relating to the day here

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