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April 18, 2024 Carbon Literacy Training For Family Businesses

Family Business United is delighted to be able to offer Carbon Literacy training to the family business community across the UK. Join almost 75,000 people worldwide in becoming officially Carbon Literate to help optimise your Net Zero and ESG ambitions and ensure your family business’ future and long-term success.

Carbon Literacy means having the awareness and understanding to create a positive shift in how we live, work and behave in response to climate change*. It provides the foundation for reducing emissions, becoming more environmentally sustainability and more effectively supporting all stakeholders on their journey. Carbon Literacy is desirable for any family business, resonating strongly with their mindset and ethics and this bespoke course is for owners, board members and senior decision makers within family firms.

Becoming Carbon Literate supports the alignment of policy and action across all business areas, ensuring:

  • More effective recruitment and retention of both staff and clients

  • Stronger brand reputation

  • More robust business continuity

  • A more profitable business

The Carbon Literacy course covers:

  • The science behind climate change

  • Social equity & climate change

  • What you can do to act on climate change, both as a companies and individuals

  • How the family business sector can deliver effective climate action

  • Strategies and skills for communicating action on climate change

Following the successful completion of this training you will gain an internationally-recognised accreditation through your unique Carbon Literacy Certificate. It will also help your company work towards becoming a Carbon Literate organisation.

These online courses will be run by Nottingham-based, multi-award-winning Spenbeck which has over 40 years’ experience in helping companies and organisations prosper through its client support and expertise in decarbonising heritage commercial buildings. Working across both private and public sectors, Becky is an accredited Carbon Literacy Facilitator. She is also asought-after sustainability keynote speaker, expert panellist, podcast contributor and feature article writer.

Places are limited and kindly note that course cost includes the £20 Carbon Literacy Project certification processing fee.

Training runs throughout the year, but if you would prefer a bespoke course for your organisation please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss this option with you.

April 18, 2024


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