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Local Farm Shop Urges Conscious Shopping In 2024

A champion for local businesses in the Meon Valley has urged Hampshire residents to support more local, independent businesses in 2024.

Kayleigh Collett of Westlands Farm Shop has said independent businesses are in dire need of support now more than ever because of the financial pressures they faced in 2023.

The local business advocate who has been a key part of Westlands Farm Shop for over 10 years, has warned that “many shopfronts and independent businesses will sadly vanish in 2024 if consumers fail to make more conscious and better choices when shopping.”

Kayleigh said independent businesses, suppliers and in particular farmers, are still battling against increased cost pressures.

“The message we have been pushing to local residents is essentially - use it or lose it. We have sadly seen many suppliers and businesses close over recent months and years because they couldn’t fight back against the uphill battle any longer."

“Supporting independent businesses is hugely important to help local economies thrive because a large proportion of the money generated from sales is reinvested into sourcing suppliers, products from other independent businesses and paying people’s wages."

“The pandemic hit local businesses really hard and many are still recovering. But with the support of residents, we can help to repair local supply chains and boost economies within the Meon Valley."

“Around 50 per cent of our revenue is reinvested into local supply chains every year. It is really important that people consider buying directly from local producers to support local supply chains, rather than supermarkets."

“Shopping locally also really helps the environment because of reduced carbon footprint and displaced food miles."

Westlands Farm Shop has called for consumers to make shopping locally a new year’s resolution to support more independent businesses and suppliers across the region.


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