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Renowned Logistics Leaders Come Together As One

J. & J. Denholm Limited (the Denholm Group) is excited to announce that Denholm Global Logistics and Good Logistics, two renowned logistics leaders, have merged to form Denholm Good Logistics. The creation of this merger marks the pinnacle of the integration of Good Logistics and Denholm Global Logistics (which incorporates Hamilton Shipping Container Services).

Family-owned diversified business, J. & J. Denholm Limited (the Denholm Group), announced the acquisition of freight forwarding and logistics company, John Good Logistics Limited, in 2021. Today’s announcement on the coming together of these two renowned companies reflects the Denholm Group’s commitment to innovation, customer-centric solutions, and a forward-thinking approach to delivering tailored solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving global market. Combining Denholm Global Logistics and Good Logistics into a single, stronger entity, Denholm Good Logistics, enables customers and employees to benefit from the enhanced size and scale whilst retaining shared family values.

Denholm Good Logistics will continue to leverage its expertise, knowledge, and digital innovation to deliver logistics solutions that streamline global supply chains, enhance operational efficiencies, promote eco-friendly practices, reduce carbon footprints, and provide a seamless experience for customers of all sizes across a diverse range of industries.

Key Benefits:

  1. Global Presence – A more robust global presence, ensuring a wider reach. Customers can expect seamless global solutions that optimise transit times and freight costs

  2. Technical Innovation – Continued investment in technology, leveraging automation, AI, and data analytics to streamline operations, optimise routes and provide real-time visibility of the movement of goods

  3. Expanded Service Offerings – Customers will benefit from an expanded portfolio of services

  4. Sustainability – A strong commitment to environmental sustainability, adopting practices to help customers choose greener options, track and report their emissions, and reduce their carbon footprint

Company Leadership

Denholm Good Logistics will be led by an exceptional leadership team, combining industry expertise and visionary leadership from both organisations. This dynamic team will drive the company's vision, ensuring continued innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Embracing Change

Speaking about the merger, Alan Platt, Divisional Managing Director of Denholm Good Logistics, stated, "This merger to create Denholm Good Logistics represents the convergence of two organisations that share a common vision for the future of logistics. By uniting our strengths, we are confident in our ability to continue providing customers with forward-thinking tailored supply chain management solutions and exceptional customer service.”

Ben MacLehose, CEO of the Denholm Group, expressed similar sentiments, "The acquisition of Good Logistics by the Denholm Group was enabled because of our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer focus. Merging these two global freight forwarding businesses to create Denholm Good Logistics is exciting for all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and our colleagues."

"I am extremely pleased with the transformation and the combined, modern, dynamic brand, which represents the two separate businesses coming together and becoming stronger as a result.”

The new Denholm Good Logistics brand was revealed to customers on 2nd January 2024.


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