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Perdue Farms Grant To International Center Of Kentucky

For more than a decade, Perdue Farms has partnered with the International Center of Kentucky in Bowling Green and Owensboro to help refugees and immigrants integrate and thrive through employment opportunities at its Cromwell, Kentucky, operation. On Saturday, June 24 at the World Refuge Day Festival in Bowling Green, the International Center unveiled two co-branded vehicles funded by Perdue Farms to support the Center’s World of Work Program in western Kentucky.

The World of Work Program is focused on educating refugees and immigrants who have been approved by the U.S. federal government to understand American and work culture, learn English, develop interview skills, and have transportation to job interviews and orientation, and drug testing.

“For many refugees, transportation is often a barrier to securing employment,” said Albert Mbanfu, CEO of the International Center of Kentucky. “Funding support from Perdue Farms for a 76-seat bus and a van helps eliminate that barrier and is an important part of a support structure that enables them to assimilate and integrate into the community.”

The vehicles were funded by a $50,000 Perdue Foundation grant. The donation from Perdue’s charitable giving arm is part of the company’s Delivering Hope to Our Neighbors® program to improve quality of life and build strong communities.

Perdue Farms employs 1,269 associates at its poultry harvest complex based in Cromwell. Approximately 53 percent of the workforce is composed of refugees and immigrants, representing 25 nationalities.

“At Perdue Farms, we celebrate the diversity of our workforce and the long partnership we’ve had with the International Center of Kentucky to bring opportunity to the refugee and immigrant population,” said Andrew Herndon, complex human resources manager for Perdue in Cromwell.

“Partnering with the International Center of Kentucky provides Perdue access to a diverse pool of skilled and motivated workers who bring unique perspectives, experiences, and cultural diversity to our workplace. This diversity can foster innovation, creativity, and problem-solving within the company,” he said.

Kim Nechay, executive director of the Perdue Foundation, praised the work of the International Center of Kentucky.

“The Perdue Foundation is proud to support the wonderful work of the International Center and provide funding that removes a barrier for so many who have come to this country seeking a better way of life,” said Nechay.


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