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Maiden Launches Empowering The Female World Of Cricket

Today marks the dawn of a new era in girls cricket with the launch of Maiden – a clothing range that empowers, inspires and redefines the game for young female cricketers.

Fed up with having to wear uncomfortable and ill-fitting cricket clothes usually made solely for boys, Honor and Cat Black came up with the designs for Maiden to help girls feel more confident on the cricket field. More than just a brand, Maiden is a declaration that cricket – with all its passion and excitement, is for EVERYONE, played at the very top level by both boys AND girls, with over 100 million women and girls playing cricket worldwide!

But, the clothing worn by young girls starting out or training each week is not made for them, often hand-me-downs from older brothers or boys’ kits that don’t take into account a girls’ curves, comfort or style.

Honor and Cat Black are on a mission to reshape the future of female cricket with their innovative designs, meticulously crafted to girls’ unique needs – both in terms of function and fashion, making girls feel confident on the pitch, encouraging them to play and look their best. The apparel is both stylish and comfortable, ensuring it won’t let you down – a common fear for girls who regularly have to wear whites or sports kit.

Honor Black, 16, Co-Founder of Maiden says: “It’s been a journey of passion and dedication. Cricket was a game we fell in love with as kids. But, every time we wore those oversized jerseys and trousers, it felt like we were borrowing someone else’s dream. With Maiden, we want every girl to know that this dream is theirs, too."

“We put a lot of thought and detail into each of the clothing’s designs and have had really positive feedback from girls who have tried them so far."

"We want to champion girls’ cricket; highlight what a fantastic sport it is in instilling confidence in young women and in building a community of girls supporting girls, championing others’ success and looking and feeling good along with way.”

Cat Black, 13, Co-Founder of Maiden adds: “Maiden is more than just clothing. It’s about creating a sense of belonging; a community where girls, whether they are players or supporters, feel empowered and seen.”

The launch range includes Mid-on Tops, Pace Pullovers, Nightwatch and Test Match Trousers together with prices ranging from £35. Ethically made in Portugal, the products are sustainable and durable. The girls strongly feel that they have a responsibility to be protective towards the environment for future generations of female cricketers.

Maiden are currently on the lookout for Maiden ambassadors – young female cricketers keen to wear the apparel on the field and inspire other girls to play and look their best. Those interested in becoming an ambassador should get in touch with the team via the website.

The products are available to buy from the Maiden website at


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