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Launching A Nationwide Delivery Family Business

Assured Same Day Couriers was Founded in November 2019, started trading January 2020. It is a nationwide same day delivery company with access to 3000 vehicles from motorbikes to artic trucks which transport anything from urgent legal documents to camera equipment, stage props to medication and building materials. Paul Andrews spoke to founder Peter Lloyd to find out more.

Tell me a little about the history of the business?

After a career of 20 years at Thomas Cook Airlines which went bust in Sept 2019, I found myself out of work, my wife worked part time in charity retail but she quickly went full time! In the October I got a job for a same day delivery company as a Transport Co-ordinator. 5 weeks later I was out of work again as the owner decided to close the business. With 2 young children at home 2 and 4, my wife and I decided to start our own same day delivery business. I would be working at home, looking after the kids whilst setting up and building the business.

What generation are you and what are your first memories of the family business?

Although this is a new family business, I am not new to a family in business together. My Great Grandad started a Funeral Directors mid 1930’s which lasted 3 generations. Our house also had a chapel of rest and Dad would get called out 24/7 which always seemed to coincide with when we sat down for dinner together or when we were all together as a family. We were always around the business. Funeral cars at home, families of deceased coming round to arrange the funerals…

One thing I learnt very quickly is the hard work that is required to go in to make your own business a success.

Are there any other family members working in the business?

Yes, my wife Emma.

What do you do now?

My main role now is booking in all of the deliveries, on the phone speaking to customers. Once the working day is complete I then catch up on all the paperwork involved. There is a lot of work going on with advertising online/social media. We have also just signed a sponsorship deal with Newport County FC where we sponsor one of their strikers.

What values are important to the family and the business?

Honesty and to be the best you can be. We teach our children to be honest with us and be the best they can be.

An example is with my sons homework – if its difficult and he’s struggling to understand, its ok. All we ask is that you try the best you can.

I also use these values in work. I am also honest with customers. Things can change quickly out on the roads and not always in our favour. I tell the customers straight, and don’t try and cover anything up. Customers know when something isn’t right so I always like to have a Plan B!

What do you think makes working in a family business special?

It brings the family close. My wife and I like the fact that we are self-sufficient. We rely on ourselves.

Are there any disadvantages associated with working in a family business?

I can honestly say that there is no disadvantage that I have come across.

What advice would you give to anyone considering joining their family firm?

Be prepared for it to be on your mind 24/7. There are no days off!

If you could sum up the family business in three words, what would they be?

Transparent, Flexible, Fun.

Find out more by visiting their website here

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