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JCB Boss's Rallying Cry To Staffordshire Firms

JCB’s Chairman Anthony Bamford issued a rallying cry to Staffordshire companies to do more business with the digger maker.

He was speaking after meeting former window cleaner turned entrepreneur Andrew Simmill who set up in business 34 years ago. Andrew knocked on JCB’s door in 1990 seeking to supply machined components. His initiative paid off and his company, Rayne Precision Engineering, has been a supplier ever since, growing from a one-man band to a company turning over £14.5 million a year and employing 115 people.

Lord Bamford said today:

“JCB is a Staffordshire company and I would like nothing more than to be doing business with more firms in our home county. There are many engineering firms out there, big, and small, which could be potential suppliers and we’d like them to knock on our door."

“Rayne Precision Engineering started out in a very small way, but thanks to an ability to adapt to changing needs and continual investment, they have grown into a well-respected company and a valued JCB supplier.”

Andrew, 63, whose business is based in King Street, Fenton, said:

“In JCB, Staffordshire has a global company right on its doorstep and my advice to any business out there wanting to be a supplier, is to give it a go. JCB will always help you, like they helped Rayne, giving us the opportunity to diversify into different manufacturing processes and helping the business grow."

“We have been challenged by JCB over the years to do many different things and supply different machined parts and fabrications. At first, it’s daunting, but we have always risen to the challenge with JCB’s guidance, and as a result, our business has expanded."

“When I was at school, the teachers gave me no encouragement. I didn’t let that put me off in life and as long as you have a degree of common sense, that is all you need. JCB has put its faith in me and I always strive to give the best service possible."

“If you look ahead to the next four or five years there is an increasing need for new infrastructure and JCB machines will be required to deliver that growth. There is a great opportunity for other suppliers in Staffordshire to be part of that growth. We are a local firm which supplies a global company like JCB and I am very proud of that.”

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