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Harnessing The Potential Of Family Business

Unleashing each veil on the family business, Professor Samish Dalal presented a fresh perspective, an insight into the factual reasons on the potential of family business, from the seeds of respect to the care of appreciation, from the roots of trust to the value that waters, grows the commitment!

Prof. Samish Dalal specialises in the field of Negotiation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is associated with the family business since many years and has taught more than 2500 students of family business and has touched base with more than 300 Indian Family Businesses.

He has done his MBA from The University of Queensland, Australia and has further enhanced his skills through two major executive education programs in Harvard Business School and Wharton Business School, respectively. He is the associate professor at S P Jain and has played an important role in creating knowledge for family business community.


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