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Giving Effective Feedback To Improve Performance Course

Explore how useful feedback is critical to an employee’s learning and development and how it links to motivation and employee engagement, discover how to prepare for a feedback conversation and learn two tools for structuring both positive and negative feedback.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is looking to develop the performance of others, particularly those who manage and lead teams, or who are looking to move into a leadership position.

Giving clear, accurate and effective feedback is a key skill for all leaders and managers. We begin with an understanding of why feedback is important and look at where and when feedback should be given, as well as who it should be given to.

This course also introduces you to models on how to effectively structure your feedback, and techniques and approaches on how to give feedback and the importance of preparation. You will also explore six different barriers to giving effective feedback and identify steps that you can take to deal with those challenges.

Number of Modules: 3

Duration: 4 - 6 hours

Available: Online or Online & Supported With Coaching

Cost: From £599 per person

Certificate Available Upon Completion

Module 1: The Importance Of Giving Feedback

  • Why Feedback is Important

  • Purpose of Feedback

  • What Feedback to Give

  • When to Give Feedback

  • Who to Give Feedback to

Module 2: Structuring Feedback

  • Prepare for the Conversation

  • Role of Empathy

  • Feedback that Works

  • Structuring Feedback

  • Structuring Positive Feedback

Module 3: Barriers To Feedback

  • Perception

  • Jumping to Conclusions

  • Attribution

  • Relationship

  • Emotions

  • Intent vs Impact

Feedback from a previous course delegate:

"I found this course really informative, it goes over some of the basics, uses effective models to help structure feedback and offers new skills that will help anyone improve their ability to give effective feedback. The course is engaging, interactive and uses a range of sources to help you along the way. It has bitesize modules and useful tools to help you lock in the key learning that you can take forward into your working practice."

“This training programme is being run on behalf of Family Business United by QuoLux™, a family business themselves and a certified B Corporation.”


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