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GAP Group Purchase All Wastewater Pumpsets

With demand for Stage V pumpsets outstripping the supply chains of all European pump manufacturers, GAP Group (GAP) and DXB Integrate Limited (DXBi) have agreed for GAP to purchase the existing fleet of high head and high flow DXBi 200mm sewage pumpsets to service the rapidly expanding hire demand from GAP’s customers.

The pumpsets being bought from DXBi are identical to the 200mm pumpsets that GAP bought from DXBi in 2022, and will instantly add 40% more to the GAP fleet. This allows the hire company to support the demands for clean engine pumpsets on major projects stipulating Stage V.

All the 200mm pumpsets have been designed and manufactured by DXB Pump & Power, the manufacturing division of the DXB Group that has supplied almost 150 Stage V pumpsets to GAP over the last 12 months, enabling them to make a huge impact in the UK’s water industry.

Mark Anderson, GAP’s Managing Director for the North commented, “We have seen a good deal of trouble-free success with these 200mm pumpsets powered by Stage V engines, and by purchasing the existing DXBi 200mm fleet, it allows us to quickly fill the growing demand that may have been impacted by engine deliveries, which have always been challenging.”

He continued “DXB have done well to supply us around 150 pumpsets this year whilst building their new factory at the same time, which we know was a major challenge in these economic conditions. This purchase enables us to keep driving forward aggressively whilst we wait for the next round of pumpsets which we should have in Q1 2023.”

Simon Ruffles, Managing Director of DXB Integrate said “GAP Pump Services is now a major player in the UK pump industry, having only started in 2021, and this is great credit to Mark and his business for having the vision to see the environmental opportunity of Stage V, or electric dryprime pumpsets and committing to it so aggressively.”

He continued, “GAP is now the leader in the market in terms of Stage V pumpsets by far and this investment works for both companies, allowing DXBi to focus on more niche market applications such as the high pressure quarrying or oil & gas applications, and the very challenging geotechnical markets where our most recent fleet investments have been made.”


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