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Family Businesses Need To Be Ready For Changes To Flexible Working

On July 20, 2023 The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act was granted Royal Assent. As a consequence, The Act introduces some changes to the current regime for making a flexible working request, which will come into force on a day to be appointed, most likely in 2024. As Liz Stevens, a Professional Support Lawyer at our partners Birketts explains the main changes.

The Act provides for the following changes.

  • Employees will be able to make two flexible working requests (rather than just one as at present) in any 12-month period. Only one request can be in progress at any time.

  • Employers will be required to ‘consult’ with employees before rejecting any request, although the Act does not include any details of what this consultation process should involve.

  • Employees will no longer be required, as at present, to identify the effects of the proposed change and suggest how the employer might deal with them.

  • Employers will be required to respond to a request within two months rather than three months as currently applies, subject to an agreed extension.

You can read the article in full with other insights and considerations on the Birketts website here

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