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Experience A New World Of Flavours With Shepherd Neame

The limited edition XPA - Extra Pale Ale – is a hazy, full-bodied golden beer. It is a New World-style XPA as it uses Cascade, Centennial, Citra, and Nugget hops from the US, which provide the beer with bold citrus and tropical flavours, along with a touch of spice. These are combined with UK-sourced malts and water drawn from the artesian well underneath Shepherd Neame’s historic Faversham Brewery.

New World XPA boasts an eye-catching deep orange keg lens, designed to stand out on the bar, incorporating a subtle outline of Faversham Creek, a stone’s throw from the brewery.


It is the third in Shepherd Neame’s new Small Batch range of limited edition, craft keg beers, created on a 15 barrel kit installed in the heart of the brewery. The first brew was First Drop Session IPA (4.3% ABV) , released in October, which has now been incorporated as a permanent addition to Shepherd Neame’s portfolio, and Unfiltered Pilsner (4.4% ABV), unveiled in April.


Director of Brewing Mike Unsworth said:

“Our team are really enjoying being able to experiment with new styles and flavours in the new Small Batch brewery. We are incredibly proud of our latest creation, New World XPA, a punchy pale ale crafted to appeal to drinkers who enjoy a hop-forward pint."

"Customers have given us great feedback on the beers created in our Small Batch brewery so far, and we look forward to continuing to use the kit to develop more great beers and showcase our brewing skills.”


New World XPA is now available in selected Shepherd Neame pubs across Kent, London and the South East. Find your local here:


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