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Brooks Macdonald And Family Business United Announce New Partnership

Brooks Macdonald, a wealth manager with £16.8 billion in funds under management, today announced a partnership with Family Business United (FBU) to provide financial wellbeing support to UK family businesses and their employees.

The partnership will see Brooks Macdonald become FBU’s financial wellbeing partner across the UK, supporting members with a range of services including financial planning and investment management, alongside access to knowledge, advice, research and insights. This will be complemented by financial educational programmes and networking opportunities across the UK.

“We are delighted to partner with Family Business United,” said Stewart Sanderson, Head of UK Private Clients at Brooks Macdonald. “Running a business, can often be all encompassing, both physically and emotionally, so we want to ensure that their own finances are one less thing to worry about.”

“We have extensive experience of working with family businesses and are committed to supporting them. It’s a wonderful sector, employing vast numbers of people and creating a significant contribution to UK plc. Through this partnership, we will be able to provide valuable resources and support to help FBU members achieve their financial goals.”

“We are excited to partner with Brooks Macdonald,” added Paul Andrews, CEO of Family Business United. “Brooks Macdonald has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities when working within a family business. We believe that this partnership will be a valuable resource for our members.”

FBU is a membership organisation that represents over 250 family businesses in the UK with turnovers of up to £400 million. Their mission is to champion and act as the voice for all family businesses, this includes aspects of their financial and business planning.


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