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Acquisition Drives Global Expansion At Mississippi Lime Company

Mississippi Lime Company (MLC), an HBM Holdings company headquartered in St. Louis, has acquired Singleton Birch, the leading independent supplier of lime products in the United Kingdom. The acquisition, which closed today, is part of MLC’s strategy to drive growth, innovation and sustainability through geographic expansion and new products and technologies that proactively address customers’ changing needs. Financial terms of the transaction will not be released.

“For more than 115 years, Mississippi Lime has been focused on meeting the evolving needs and priorities of our customers. That focus has served our customers, our employees and our business very well. Our approach is to grow by finding businesses that represent a good cultural fit for us and can complement what we already provide to customers. Singleton Birch is a great fit, and we are delighted to welcome them to the Mississippi Lime family today,” said Paul Hogan, President and CEO of Mississippi Lime Company.

Singleton Birch is based in North Lincolnshire, UK, where it employs more than 150 staff. It will continue to operate under its existing brand and the Singleton Birch management team, led by Chief Executive Officer Richard Stansfield, who will remain in place.

“Singleton Birch has done tremendous work, and we are grateful that Richard and the leadership team will remain in their roles leading the business,” said Hogan. “This acquisition is about growth, innovation and sustainability, and we do not anticipate reducing the number of jobs at Singleton Birch as a result of this transaction.”

“Being part of the Mississippi Lime family will enable us to invest more and power the growth of Singleton Birch,” said Stansfield. “We’re delighted to have a partner for the next stage in our development that shares our culture and values.”

Singleton Birch has a number of business lines, including a chemicals division, which provides specialty calcium products to the rubber and plastics markets. It also provides services and solutions to the renewable energy, water treatment and waste management industries.

Singleton Birch is an industry leader in sustainability. The business works with local farms to run anaerobic digesters that provide electricity used by the business from renewable zero-carbon sources. Like Mississippi Lime, Singleton Birch has partnered with Origen to develop greener and more sustainable lime kiln technologies.

“The commitment that Singleton Birch has already made to sustainability is significant and will help inform and drive MLC’s ESG efforts,” said Hogan.


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