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Frosts Help Gardens Bloom!

22nd October 2013 Paul Andrews

For over half a century the Frost family has been a significant force in the business community in the Milton Keynes area

In fact the name of Frost has become synonymous with quality and style in gardening.

In 1946 Harvey Frost bought the original nursery on the present Woburn Sands site. He started the business as a wholesale nursery employing a handful of staff and originally concentrated on growing just tomatoes and chrysanthemums.

Before the opening of the Garden Centre, Frosts grew and sold 30,000 cut chrysanthemums, 15,000 cut Dahlias, Zinnias and many other cut flowers each year. These were grown in glass houses and fields on the land we now use for car parking at Woburn Sands.

Post-war Britain made little commitment to horticulture, but the family business grew and began to expand.

The original garden shop and plant department opened in 1962. Harvey Frost, with his sons Brian and Adrian opened Frosts at Woburn Sands. Frosts was one of the first garden centres in the UK and quickly became established as one of the leading garden centres.

A keen gardener, Brian Frost was the key driving force behind the success of the Frosts group of garden centres. He inherited his father's passion for growing plants and was eager to develop the nursery into the thriving garden centre it is today.

At the same time, Adrian Frost started to develop the landscape side of the business. Once again the family’s dedication to high standards proved successful and soon the Landscape Construction Company gained a fine reputation in a highly competitive field.

The Landscape Construction Company has been separated into five divisions; Interior Landscaping, Commercial Landscaping, Garden Design & Construction, Estate and Grounds Maintenance and Tree Surgery.

Frosts at Willington was opened in 1972 by Richard and Candida Godber in partnership with Adrian and Brian Frost.  However, the Godber family has owned the site since the late 1890s and before becoming a garden centre it operated as a successful wholesale nursery.  Frosts at Willington has always made a significant contribution to the local community.

Dedicated to all-round excellence the garden centre continues to expand and develop.

Frosts at Millets Farm was opened in 1986 under a leasehold agreement between the owners of the site Messrs. John L Carter & Partners and the Directors of Frosts.  In addition to the garden centre there is a large Farm Shop, P-Y-O, Craft Shop and two restaurants on the site. Situated on the edge of the Cotswolds, Frosts at Millets Farm attracts visitors from a wide catchment area. The garden centre itself has benefited from considerable investment over the last few years with the objective of extending and expanding the retail areas.

Frosts at Brampton was acquired by the Frosts Group in September 2001. Located on the fringes of Huntingdon, it is within easy reach of the rapidly expanding areas of Cambridge and Peterborough. Since the acquisition of the garden centre investment has been geared towards providing a memorable shopping experience for all customers and a wider choice of plants and products. The focal point of this investment has been the development of a well-designed, spacious, modern restaurant.

A thriving family business that continues to help generations to enjoy their garden.



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