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Family Firms Need To Get Smart To New Wave!

3rd August 2016 Paul Andrews

Operators need to get up to speed and get mobile if they want to capture the 18-24 year old age group, is the advice from the UK’s largest provider of technology solutions to the hospitality sector, Zonal Retail Data Systems.

According to research of 5,000 GB adults by CGA Peach and Zonal, the millennial generation of 18 to 24 year olds are increasingly influential, accounting for 29 per cent of the UK adult population and 42 per cent of ‘eating out’ trade. 

They are prepared to use technology to search, browse, book, order and pay for their meals when dining out.  And the survey findings have been served up in a white paper, Get Smart To The New Wave with insight from sector specialists.  

Commenting on the white paper, Zonal’s chief executive, Stuart McLean, said: “Millennials live in a socially connected world with mobile technology at the centre of everything they do. The vast majority (86 per cent) use social media every day and make decisions based on their digital usage."  

“This new wave of consumers offers a great opportunity for operators; but to capitalise retailers will need to future proof their businesses using the latest technology." 

“Never before have operators had the opportunity to know so much about their customers, their habits and what they order and when they visit.  This invaluable information provides an unprecedented opportunity to target campaigns at individuals in order to drive frequency of visit and loyalty.”

The research also reaffirms: 

  • 56 per cent of millennials believe social media has increased their awareness of eating and drinking out brands.
  • 54 per cent are interested in using their personal devices to speed up ordering and to pay for their bill
  • Over a quarter prefer to be updated on news, offers and menus from their favourite restaurants through their preferred digital channels (compared with only 3 per cent of the over 65s)
  • Nearly 40 per cent use social media to find out about special offers
  • 45 per cent of 18-24 year olds participate in one or more loyalty scheme for their favourite dining destination

CGA Peach’s vice president, Peter Martin, said: “Pubs and restaurants need to respond to increasing demand from this influential age group by investing in the right technology and making sure that it’s relevant and can adapt not only for today but tomorrow’s customers.” 

Zonal Retail Data Systems is the leading provider of integrated hospitality management solutions to over 9,000 leisure and hospitality businesses across the UK.  For over 36 years, the company has been working closely with clients to enhance the customer experience through market leading technology, experienced people and a partnership approach to business.  

Read the White Paper here



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