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Making Digital Work For You

Companies have been urged to 'digitalise” or risk getting left behind but while many accept this as a reality, the precept is at best confusing ... Full Article

US Firms To Tackle Missing Middle

Latest research from PwC in the US highlights four ways that US family firms can tackle the 'missing middle.' Full Article

Blenheim Palace & The Business Of Heritage

Blenheim Palace, the home of the 12th Duke of Marlborough is also a business, and the business has been transformed in the last 15 years under the man... Full Article

Five Generations Of Pride, Passion & Service

Justin Burgess is the fifth generation of the Burgess family to take the helm and spoke to Paul Andrews about his journey. Full Article

Family Business

Family businesses are special and face issues due to the very nature of their ownership.  Check out all the latest articles in areas such as succession planning, employing family members, governance structures, marketing the family brand, family values, remuneration and much more besides. 

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The Imposter Phenomenon

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Key Steps To Successful Succession

We asked Dr. Dominik von Au who is the Family Governance Leader for PwC Germany to summarise the secret to a successful succession. Read More

Motivating Children Of Means

Enagaging the next generation can be difficult enough as it is but is often compounded when they are independently wealthy.  How do you avoid affluenza? Read More

Tapping Into New Ideas

It’s often said that family firms have the ability to reinvent themselves with each new generation, but it’s harder to find real-life examples where this has actually happened. Greg Rowe Ltd is one of them. Read More

Social Media And The Family Business

The generational divide & social media for the family business needs managing. Read More

2017 And All's Wells

As the first non-family CEO of Charles Wells, Justin Phillimore looks back on his first year in the job and to the future challenges and opportunities. Read More

Guardians Of Scotland's National Dish

Haggis and the Macsween family are world renowned and Paul Andrews spoke to Managing Director James Macsween to find out more about the family firm. Read More